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Praise for, For the Love of Dog Tales



 "It was so incredibly moving and truly gives a voice to dogs living at the mercy of a world not of their making."
Heather Allen

President & CEO
HALO Animal Rescue

"Thank you for a book that not only gives a voice to our canine friends and their struggles but also compels us to raise our voices to end that struggle."

Top Dog Eileen Proctor

Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Welfare Advocate

"You have captured in this work something greater than just a 'dog's tale'. Your story speaks to the greater issue of man's inhumanity to man as well as all living creatures."

Valerie Fair

See through the battle-weary eyes of a pit bull who fights the ultimate battle outside the arena for his human's very existence. - Rally with two courageous police dogs, risking their lives following the sordid trail of a savage serial killer. - Race alongside the thundering paws of a courageous greyhound, where losing a race means losing one's life. - Share the pitiful incarceration and uncertainty of a laboratory dog as he copes with his rapidly diminishing time on this Earth. - Chum along the mean city streets with a hapless canine hobo, as he wanders into the lives of families and stumbles upon adventure after adventure, to learn tragically the painful lessons of love and its ultimate sacrifice.

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