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Storyteller and dreamer, Irvin L. Cannon, put pen to paper for the first time in response to a challenge. A simple challenge issued in response to his comment… “I can write a better story than that.” The challenge uttered, “Do it then!” He began scribbling story after story into notebooks now stored all over the house. For the Love of Dog Tales is the first release from those tucked away pages birthed from that short exchange.

Born and raised on the East Coast in large metropolitan cities, the author’s fascination with storytelling began in his youth. His vision and imagination for the art of storytelling was primarily nurtured by his love for comic books. A scientist by training, dog lover by nature, and a man with many years in law enforcement, author Cannon’s experience in the inner city street wars, combine to produce a biting view of the world around us as seen through the eyes of his canine characters—characters with whom he has crossed paths.

Cannon has seen and felt many atrocities imposed upon
humanity and dogs in the performance of his duties. He has given the reader a window into the depth of emotions and cruelty experienced by the dogs, evidenced by their physical condition and the stories told through their eyes. For the Love of Dog Tales melds his love for a well-told story with his life experiences and love for animals.

The author presently resides in the Midwest with his wife.

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